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Telephone Techniques

Do you ever wish that you were more articulate when talking with others on the telephone, that you could improve your voice image to project cool-headed professionalism and diplomacy—even in tough situations with difficult callers, or that you could speak more persuasively with callers? Today, it is essential to know how to communicate well and how to make a positive impression when using the telephone. Learn the do's and don'ts of good telephone techniques so that you will be able to handle all callers with tact, confidence and professionalism.

This workshop will help individuals to:

  • Utilize professional phone skills to make an image-boosting, positive impression for themselves and for their employer

  • Improve their listening skills—a vital part of telephone communication

  • Discover phone tactics that will create rapport with callers

  • Learn tactful ways to handle objections, complaints and upset callers

  • Receive tips on putting calls on hold, transferring calls, using voice mail and avoiding "telephone tag"

Suggested Time—4 hours (Workshop includes presentation, role-playing and handouts

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