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Confident Public Speaking

Whether you are making a presentation, talking at a meeting or giving a speech, this interactive workshop offers helpful techniques for speaking with ease, confidence, enthusiasm and persuasion. It focuses on voice, diction, body language, eye contact and choice of words. You will learn how to begin with a relevant attention-getter, end with a powerful closing, organize your thoughts clearly and logically, and catch your audienceÓę«terest.

From this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Overcome "stage fright"

  • Use effectively your voice pitch, range, rate, tone, volume, pace and diction

  • Write for the ear, not the eye by choosing your words wisely

  • Make your body language work to enhance your communication

  • Apply strategies to involve the audience

  • Avoid things that turn listeners off

  • Organize and write your presentation by utilizing the "hook, line and sinker" technique

  • Determine when to use visual aids

Suggested Time—8 hours (1 full day) (Workshop includes presentation, participant practice of presentation delivery techniques, group interaction and handouts)

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