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Persuasive Communications

Want to convince others to adopt a service, product or idea? Wish you knew effective communication techniques to "sell" your message to another? This workshop offers helpful ways to become a more persuasive, powerful communicator by emphasizing the positive, creating rapport with your audience, and winning others' confidence and cooperation.

After completing this workshop, individuals will be able to:

  • Apply the six C's for effective writing: clarity, conciseness, concreteness, consistency, creativity and correctness

  • Improve their writing style in order to make their communications more interesting, lively and readable

  • Organize their thoughts before they write so that their ideas flow smoothly from one to another

  • Speak more confidently with enthusiasm and persuasion in a professional manner

  • Discover verbal tactics that will create rapport with individuals—either face to face or on the telephone

  • Learn tactful ways to remain calm and convincing when confronted with objections and complaints

Suggested Time—4-8 hours (-1 full day) (Workshop includes presentation, individual exercises, role-playing, group interaction and handouts)


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