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Getting to the Point with E-mail and Memos

This workshop will help individuals sharpen their e-mail and memo-writing skills so that they will write "clear as a bell" and gain their desired results. Participants will discover ways to cut the clutter from their documents, organize more easily, and master attention-getting and persuasive writing skills.

Individuals attending this workshop will:

  • Organize their ideas clearly and succinctly

  • Write shorter e-mails and other memos—quickly and easily

  • Gain increased understanding and results through their writing

  • Apply special techniques to grab the reader˙s attention

  • Write more persuasively with greater impact

  • Become more aware of "e-body language"

Suggested Time—4-8 hours (˝ -1 full day) (Workshop includes presentation, individual and group exercises, and handouts)

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