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Business Grammar

Do you know the correct use of commas and other punctuation marks? Do you have trouble knowing when to capitalize or not? Have you forgotten some of the basic spelling rules or perhaps the differences among the parts of speech? This workshop will provide a comprehensive review of English grammar so that you will eliminate embarrassing mistakes when writing e-mails, memos, letters, reports, proposals and other business documents.

While reviewing the fundamentals of grammar and usage, you will learn to:

  • Identify the parts of speech

  • Distinguish between active and passive voice

  • Recognize common grammar mistakes and know how to correct them

  • Make sure you have subject, verb and pronoun agreement

  • Know the difference between a phrase and a clause

  • Brush up on the guidelines for capitalization, punctuation and spelling

  • Become aware of correct e-mail etiquette

  • Improve your proofreading skills by critiquing writing samples

Suggested Time—12-16 hours (1 -2 full days) (Workshop includes presentation, individual and group exercises, handouts)

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